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Elevate your daily rituals with a selection of Australian aromatic brands handpicked by JAU. Explore an array of scented soy wax candles, all-natural and vegan incense brands, modern incense accessories, aroma oil burners, Australian essential oils, and our recently introduced organic body care line. Our aroma brands prioritise the use of premium locally sourced ingredients from Australia, creating distinctive scent narratives for enjoyment in any season.

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Incense Feature Product

Mystic Incense Plank
by Tribe Earth

Mystic is made from a blend of Western Australian Sandalwood and Australian grown Agarwood along with various other Western Australian plant resins. This distinctively smokey and resinous scent encapsulates the wild Australian bush in an easy to portion incense plank form.

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100% Soy wax Candles
by Posie

Posie makes 100% premium soy wax candles using a blend of fine fragrances to create a diverse scent library. Using scent as a vessel to evoke emotion and memories, the Byron Bay based creators Ash and Casie carefully formulate each blend to communicate certain places, feelings or moments in time.

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Oil Burner Best Seller

Synergy Oil Burner
by Addition Studio

A minimalistic oil burner carved from solid stone featuring warm brass accents. This oil burners cylindrical design allows for the candle heat to directly warm the deep brass dish for enhanced aroma time. The Synergy Oil Burner comes with a 100% organic beeswax tea light candle and 15 mL Lavender essential oil. Available in Limestone, Travertine and Black Marble.

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Body Care Feature Product

Hair Treatment Set
by Addition Studio

The Hair Treatment Set features a solid clarifying shampoo bar, a nourishing conditioner bar, and a soap holder carved from Limestone. All Addition Studio soaps are thoughtfully crafted without artificial fragrances, parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, palm oil derivatives, sulfates, or artificial dyes. They are proudly vegan and cruelty-free.

The accompanying stone holder serves as a handy accessory tray and a sophisticated resting place for your palo santo or incense plank, adding a touch of refinement to any bathroom or room.

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