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Incense Plank - Bushwalk

Tribe Earth

Western Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) and Marri tree resin and various Western Australian plant resins. The Marri tree is an important tree for honey production in Australia, it's smoke is sweet and calming.

A thick incense plank, hand made using a natural mix of Australian trees and resins. All ingredients have been hand mixed, cut and dried in the warm Australian outback sun.

No glues, no perfumes, no essential oils, no toxic materials. 100% plant material. All ingredients are sustainably hand harvested from renewable plantations. Minimally packaged with a recycled paper label to avoid unencessary waste.

30-45 minutes total burn-time. Just break off a small piece and burn on a fireproof container, such as a small plate. A small amount will burn strongly and leave a relaxing, smokey yet sweet aroma lingering for up to 20 minutes after it has finished burning.

You can also burn the whole stick for larger spaces or when used outdoors, the burn time will be shorter as the incense will have a higher amount of heat, but the scent release will be higher.


- Western Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum)
- Marri tree resin and various Western Australian plant resins.
- Binding wood: Australian Litsea glutinosa


1 x incense plank
100 x 25 x 12mm

Manufacture location

Perth, Western Australia


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