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Gary Newton

Kim Newton

Tribe Earth

Fremantle, Australia

Hand made, pure-plant incense


Gary and Kim Newton are the husband-wife team behind Tribe Earth, a Fremantle based wellness brand that creates ceremonial focused healing products such as pure plant incense and essential oils. Resourceful, sustainable and spiritual; each product from the range is handcrafted with the intention of healing through harnessing plant energy. Tribe Earth is a culmination of the couple's ‘lifelong love of wild spaces and the connection between consciousness and nature.’ Proudly made in Australia, they work respectively with the Australian wilderness making sure to give back more than they source to ensure sustainable production.

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Break off a small piece, roughly the size of your thumb. Don't worry what shape it is, as long as it's big enough to safely hold and light up.

Light it up

Allow it to burn for about 20 seconds before blowing out the flame. Relaxing natural smoke will start to fill your space.

Place on a ceramic dish.

Relax. This small piece will burn for about 10 minutes, but provides over an hour of relaxing aroma to your space.

Tribe Earth incense will burn smokey and strong. A small piece will last about 5-10 minutes but it will fill your space with the relaxing scents of the Australian nature long after it has finished burning.

If you have used palo santo, then you will love Tribe Earth.

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