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Tommy Ashby

Courtney Gibbs

Subtle Bodies

Melbourne, Australia

Single Origin natural incense


Tommy Ashby and Courtney Gibbs are the creators of Subtle Bodies. With their passion of researching the history and traditions of incense - they turned this hobby into a pursuit, to share their knowledge through. This led them on a journey around the world, to create more natural, simpler, pure wood incense – something that was a rarity.

The result is Subtle Bodies - with a small but carefully selected range of single origin incense. Each incence is made of only two types of wood - one fragrant wood, and one binding wood (to form and hold the shape).

Unlike other fragrant wood incense, the pair have opted to go single-origin, which means sourcing wood from only one particular forest or area - rather than a blend of the same wood from multiple regions. This results in a more distinct aroma that is unique and particular to whichever forest the wood was harvested from.

The pair also considered the sustainability of their wood sources, opting for well managed forests which take into consideration regrowth and the environment around it.

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