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Perfumer H Incense Burner

Studio Henry Wilson

Bronze Incense Holder for "Perfumer H" London. Australian designer Henry Wilson collaborated with Lyn Harris, the owner of the boutique perfume store "Perfumer H" in London, to design this minimalistic, heavy, beautiful incense burner. Lyn creates custom made fragrances for customers, a process that can take six months. She is revered as one of the best noses in the perfume industry, being able to put together unique and pleasing scents for her perfumes.

Lyn Harris explains the process of working with Henry Wilson, "It has been such a joy to collaborate with Henry as he is a truly talented 3D designer and when I told him I needed something heavy and beautiful that catches all the ash he came up with this heavenly object which I now can’t live without at home as it not only elevates the whole ritual of incense burning but in itself it is a beautiful object I will cherish and get great pleasure from."

Perfumer H: &




­Ø6cm x 4.5cm

Manufacture location

Sydney, Australia


Staff Review

Heavy Peace

I love using the Perfumer H incense holder by Studio Henry Wilson with my favourite incense and putting on some relaxing ambient music. It’s compact, catches ashes and easy to clean. The design is very Henry Wilson, utilising heavy bronze, it’s actually very heavy for its size, but it feels so nice to pick up and move around the house or office, wherever I am. It looks great and I’m sure this will be used for many lifetimes ahead of me - the design is timeless and is indestructible.

Sonny Mai
JAU Founder

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