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Dancing Daisies

Seljak Brand

The Dancing Daisies blanket is a luxurious, ultra soft blanket for kids to use for comfort, warmth and play. Made from 100% merino at a knitting studio on Wurundjeri Country aka Yarra Valley, it’s a springy knitted blanket that is super warm and smooth on the skin. The artwork on the blanket is inspired by the personhood of plants, of paper daisies and their response to rain, and is a joyful exploration of play and movement.

- 80cm x 110cm
- 100% merino wool (non-mulesed)
- 530g
- Made on Wurundjeri Country (Yarra Valley), Australia

Care for your blanket: Because this is a naturally antibacterial product, the easiest way to clean your blanket is to air it out by hanging it in the sun (plus it's environmentally friendly). Spot clean dirty marks and spills with lukewarm soapy water. If necessary, machine wash at maximum 30 degrees with a wool wash and lay flat to dry. Reducing machine washing extends your blanket’s life and reduces energy and water consumption. Don't tumble dry.

Please note: this blanket is not intended for use in a cot.


100% merino wool (non-mulesed)


80cm x 110cm

Manufacture location

Yarra Valley, Australia


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