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POP UP - Lightly

Spring has Sprung, Lightly x JAU Pop Up has begun! 


Designed in Australia

Not just a beautiful country. Discover the creative side of Australia.

We are Japan's first Australian design select shop. We bring objects and stories of Australian design to Japan. 

Discover the creative side of Australia.

Designed in Australia


Pop-up. Senses of Tsuyu

Let’s skip the rainy day blues. 💧 

Tsuyu is approaching and with the rainy weather comes the gloomy shut-in time period. To help bring joy to an otherwise dreary period of the year we will be hosting a pop-up this May.

At the Sense of Tsuyu Pop-Up; we’ll be showcasing a range of plant brands and wellness brands so while at home you can enjoy a home jungle with relaxing items such as bath salts and incense. We are also unveiling new brands, Capra Designs and Piped Dreams Studio along with our current beloved products 💛

Please come by for a visit and dont forget to make the most of our complimentary Australian wine and coffee ☕️🍷😉

POP-UP! Senses of Tsuyu
Capra Designs - Etta Vase and Roma Pot
Lightly - Tone Vase (Sage and Green)
Botanica Boutique - Sanctuary M

Featured Story

Capra Designs - The Story

Subtle Bodies

Single Origin, Simple incense

Not your typical incense. This is the simplest, most pure incense. Made from only two woods, no oils, perfumes, artificial fragrances. Pure unadultered relaxation.

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Subtle Bodies
Simple, Single Origin - Subtle Bodies
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