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Designed in Australia

Not just a beautiful country. Discover the creative side of Australia.

We are Japan's first Australian design select shop. We bring objects and stories of Australian design to Japan. 

Discover the creative side of Australia.

Designed in Australia


Pop-up. Seljak + Togetherness

Learn and feel the most sustainable blanket ever made, by Seljak.
See the nature inspired colour prints by Esther Sanders from Togetherness.

Now on in-store at JAU Tomigaya.

See the full Togetherness exhibition at I AM by Mia Mia Cafe

POP-UP! Seljak + Togetherness
Seljak Sisters - Sam and Karina

Sam Seljak and Karina Seljak - The award winning founders of one of the most innovative closed loop blanket brand - Seljak.

Read more about their journey

Lune Blanket

I AM Gallery featuring Seljak Brand recycled wool blankets.

Featured Story

Lightly - The Story

Subtle Bodies

Single Origin, Simple incense

Not your typical incense. This is the simplest, most pure incense. Made from only two woods, no oils, perfumes, artificial fragrances. Pure unadultered relaxation.

See the collection

Subtle Bodies
Simple, Single Origin - Subtle Bodies
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