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Designed in Australia

Not just a beautiful country. Discover the creative side of Australia.

We are Japan's first Australian design select shop. Japan Australia Design (JAU) -  imports Australian lifestyle objects and shares stories of Australian design to Japan. 

We have a JAU Shop in Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku.
If you would like to carry Australian designs in your store, please contact us here.

Business days: Fri, Sat, Sun 12:00-19:00

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KeepCup Cold Cup

We introduce to you the Cold Cup; for the lover of smoothies, juices and all drinks iced!

Cold Cup Cork is crafted from a tempered glass cup and features a cork band for a secure grip. Cold Cup Original features a lightweight yet durable plastic cup so no worries about accidental drops!

The secure spill-proof straw lid features removable gaskets, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance as well as each cup coming with a reusable straw.


Single Origin
Natural Incense

Each Subtle Bodies scent, from the original Australian Sandalwood to the newest Peruvian Palo Santo, tells a unique story of a single forest in its smoke, allowing consumers to explore and appreciate the distinct flavours and characteristics of each scent.

Excerpt from 「Exploring your questions about Natural Incense!」

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The KeepCup Bottle Range

The brand that introduced the reusable coffee cup to the Australian coffee scene has just introduced their newest edition; The KeepCup Bottle.

KeepCup's Bottle range features modular, leakproof and stylish drink ware designed for drinking pleasure on the go.

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Recycled Wool
Sustainable Blankets

Seljak Brand creates blankets out of recycled textile waste.

Their Design Range features soft, lightweight blankets with abstract designs. Each reversible design is informed by Australian landscapes and eco conservation.

Read an interview with co-founder Samantha Seljak in Vogue Japan →

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Organic Body Range

Addition Studios is a minimal wellness brand established on the sunny coast of Byron Bay. Addition Studio Body range products are Plant based, refillable, Vegan & Cruelty Free. Scented using 100% Natural essential oils.



KeepCup Pop-Up Store Vol.2 

6/21/2024 - 6/30/2024

ambos coffee is a cafe local to the Nishi-oi neighbourhood that serves delicous specialty drip coffee in a friendly atmosphere. For this limited event you can create your own KeepCup and even engrave your own design (limited dates for engraving). Read here for details.

Australia Discovery Day


JAU will be participating in an admission free pop up event where you can experience the real charm of Australia! This one day only event is packed with a variety of activities, including a stage themed on Australia's World Heritage Sites, where you can see, learn, and experience Australian culture. There will be information booths for those interested in Australian travel, as well as food stalls and entertaining performances by artists.

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Keep and Carry Pop Up

6/1/2024 - 6/30/2024


夏に活躍すること間違いないKeepCup製品とPan Afterオリジナル、リサイクル素材のハンドメイドバックが楽しめるPOP UPです。 サステナブルで心ときめくアイテムを見つけて、夏を楽しんでください!KeepCupの新商品もPOP UPで初登場します。ぜひこの機会に手にとってご覧ください!

Timeless Pop Up

5/8/2024 - 6/6/2024

Japanese craftsmanship and Australian design combine in our latest pop up event. Collect interior objects that stand the test of time at 'Timeless' a curated pop up event featuring Sarahbel, TILE KIOSK and JAU.

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