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Clary Sage(クラリセージ) - Incense(お香)

Herb & Lunar Botanics

Musky, sweet and herbaceous Sage, woody Makkho, the smoky sweet scent of Myrrh, earthly sweetness of W.A. Sandalwood and a drop of soft and musky scent of Clary Sage Essential Oil.

- Comes with 18 handcrafted incense sticks.
- Each stick may vary in appearance due to its hand made nature.
- Burn time is 50 mins but may vary depending on your environment.
- Comes wrapped in Natural Thai Paper made from Sugarcane fibre and hemp cord twine.
- No synthetic fragrance. Chemical free. All natural materials. Individually hand-crafted.


Sage, Makkho, Myrrh, W.A. Sandalwood, Clary Sage Essential Oil.


Comes with 18 hand-crafted incense sticks. Each scented part of stick is 11cm. Total length of stick is 12cm.

Manufacture location

Sydney, Australia


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